Rescuing a beagle


There are some situations where older beagles need new homes. They might be handed into Beagle Welfare, as the current owner is unable to continue caring for them due to a change in circumstances. Some are found wandering and their original owner is never traced. Some breeders will rehome an older beagle rather than keep them in kennels-this is a way of giving a fireside home to a beagle who has been shown or bred from so they have more individual attention. A breeder may run more than one on to show and then let one go. Whatever the reason these beagles may make just as good pets as one acquired at 8 weeks. It can be very rewarding to take an older beagle, particularly where the beagle may have had a difficult start.

Please contact Beagle Welfare if you would like to enquire about an older beagle. They will ask you to fill in a home finding questionnaire and have a home check. A good breeder will do this verbally and both will make you aware of the traits of the breed and what sort of environment is suitable for beagles.