Puppy selection


  • Has the puppy been wormed?
  • Has the puppy been insured?
  • Has the breeder given you a diet sheet?
  • Can you meet the mother?
  • Has the breeder explained all about the breed to you?
  • Does the puppy look healthy-bouncy, clear eyes, shiny coat?
  • Is the breed of the puppy going to suit your lifestyle? eg exercise levels and size. (Information about the breed can be found on the Kennel Club website)
  • Can you see the environment the puppy was reared in? (This includes seeing the rest of the litter if at all possible)
  • Does the puppy look unhealthy-pot bellied, sticky eyes, scurfy, dull coat?
  • How old is the puppy when you collect it? (There are important stages of learning in a puppies life-a reputable breeder will let a puppy go to a new home around 8 weeks and not before. Socialising with the mother and littermates helps a puppy have a rounded personality)
  • If the puppy is pedigree have the parents been health tested? (See the Kennel Club for any recommended health tests for the breed. Ask to see evidence of the parent’s test results)
  • Please don’t buy a puppy because you feel sorry for it. Many poorly reared puppies result in heartache and vet bills. Beware if the price is lower than you expected or there are several breeds available.
  • Please contact one of the Beagle Breed clubs before you buy a puppy to get their latest list of reputable breeders. All the members of Breed Clubs agree to abide by a Code of Ethics so you have peace of mind that they will have bred a puppy to a high standard, abided by health recommendations and be available for advice whenever you need it. UK Breed Clubs are on the links page.
  • Please visit the Beagle Puppy Sales Website where reputable Beagle breeders advertise litters that they have.