Beagle tail


The condition of Beagle Tail also occurs in other breeds and may be called Limber Tail or Limp Tail as well. It most commonly occurs after a beagle has been bathed or been swimming and results in a tail that hangs down after the first few cms. The tail is painful and the beagle is unable to lift it properly. It should not be confused with a tail that is dropped due to nervousness or a tail that is limp and has no tone (commonly associated with a tail that has been trapped in something).

Beagle Tail is associated with the dog having shaken to rid itself of water and the tail is concussed. It doesn’t have to actually hit something as it is a form of whiplash. The condition can take hours to days to resolve. Even with pain relief of anti-inflammatory drugs, the bruising in the tail nerves need time to settle and patience is required.

The best way to avoid Beagle Tail is not to let a beagle shake too violently after bathing such as draping a towel along the back and over the tail. It is important to towel the dog as dry as you can and monitor for a short while to reduce shaking behaviour. Also not to cage a wet dog who is still inclined to shake itself.