Submitting Results


Step 1: Look at the Links page for the Laboratories which do the appropriate DNA tests for Beagles. Some do packages for a group of tests if you need more than one doing.


Step 2: Order the swabs needed for the tests.

Step 3: Each dog to be swabbed must be away from food and drink for two hours before testing and not been in contact with another dog during this time to avoid any cross contamination. For litters it is recommended that each puppy is away on its own for at least half an hour before testing. Swabs must be rolled around inside the cheek for the time specified by the Lab and then air-dried.


Step 4: Post the swabs with the relevant paperwork to the Lab. Making sure that the swabs are dry before sending and sent in envelopes as they specify so they don’t go mouldy.


Step 5: You will receive the results by email as a PDF and in hard copy if requested.


Step 6: Email the results to Sam Goldberg: and email through the parents as well for those where they are not recorded on the results form.