Submitting Results

Step 1

Test your beagle using swabs and form purchased from the VGL lab-(click here or via links page). An easy cheek swab test, which you do, yourself and full instructions come with the kit. Post results back to the lab.


Step 2

Results received by email as a PDF file (or post if you prefer)


Step 3

Send result file by email to Sam Goldberg for the UK database -


Step 4

Complete the new online form... (click here) then send pedigree by either via email Lynn Bailey for the web site - or via the postal system (please contact for postal details)


Step 5

Decide what the result means to you:

Clear status-can be mated to any beagle clear or carrier. Two clear parents will result in puppies all genetically clear.

Carrier status-can only be mated to a clear beagle to avoid affected puppies. 50% of the puppies will be carriers. Puppies can be tested before they leave for new homes, they need to have not eaten or drunk for 60 minutes before the swabs are taken.